Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a subdomain?

- A subdomain is a website that has one site as its primary domain. Search engines regard subdomains as distinct entities from the site's homepage; this ensures that the search engine should keep them separate from each other when searching through the website.

How long the expiration of DNS?

- The validity of our DNS is 60 days.

Is there a limit to renewing DNS?

- Yes, the maximum limit of renewing DNS is 3.

Is there a limit for creating DNS?

- You can create your DNS as much as you can.

What is the maximum creation of DNS per day?

- By default, the maximum of 30/domain can create per day.

Is there a limit to updating my DNS?

- There's no limit to updating DNS, but if your DNS is expired, you can't update it.

What is the use of passcode?

- Passcode is the access to your DNS.

What happens if my DNS got expired?

- If your DNS is expired, the DNS will remain for 3 days before it got deleted so that you have time to renew your DNS.